KAMPALA (Ouganda) Alliance Française de Kampala

DATE: 11 October 2016
VENUE: Uganda National Cultural Centre

The amazing French saxophone player Guillaume Perret will perform live in Kampala on Tuesday, 11th October, presenting his innovative last album, “Free”.

Guillaume Perret faces the music alone, checking his musical pulse. With a single instrument juiced up with sound modifiers, he manages to be the whole band. Mirroring his ability to get a world of sound from a single instrument, his compositions roam just as erratically: folk tunes, frenetic Balkan dance numbers, electronic sonic, laments, dense sound walls, etc. His performance will sketch the rich history of jazz itself. But with a unique vision. The artist says : «Jazz is a rich palette and can’t be limited to a single color or style. It’s a big sandbox where you can sit down with your shovel and build whatever you want».


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