A Certain Trip

RELEASED: 5 June 2020
ARTIST: Guillaume Perret
LABEL: French Paradox & Kakoum Records

This album is a cinematic journey, a step into enhanced reality.

I wanted to create music which is captivating and which connects our deepest inner self to the outside world.
Whatever the images and the sounds that surround us, I made sure that they always blend well with the sound adventure offered in these long compositions, so that we feel like in a movie, between reality and fiction.

I explore various moods, roam through different universes, continuously propose new ideas, which in turn become new challenges, places from where to take flight, where there are dead ends or blurred tracks.

Secret hatches open into unknown worlds, strength is regained, you become the star of the film of your own life.
This work explores some of the paths which became open to me while composing the soundtrak for the film “16 Sunrises”, recounting the odyssey of astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

To interpret this inspiring writing commission I put the quartet together, with Yessaï Karapetian (keyboards) Julien Herné (bass) and Martin Wangermée (drums).

A lot of material was born from this experience, then the group matured, I wanted to follow up on this exploration of sound.
In addition to outer space and the universe in its infinite magnitude, this album also relates to more personal emotions, those from my life as a musician and as a man: the emotional journeys of dreams and imagination, the gaping chasms, the connection to feminine power, its grace and its mysteries.

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